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Sawt (Arabic for Sound) is a smart radio that helps you discover awesome Arab indie and alternative music from different Arab artists.


Sawt works by recommending songs that are made freely available by the artists on the Internet. The aim of Sawt is to expand the reach of these bands/artists and allow you to easily discover new indie music. Maybe you don't mind Arabic pop music that much, but I'm sure you'll forget all about that once you start discovering more alternative and indie music on Sawt.

So what does that mean?

Yes. Sawt doesn't just play songs you'll like. Who wants to keep listening to the same style over and over?! Sawt will introduce you to ideas and messages that you'll like. You can always skip to the next song if you don't like what you're listening to, even better, you'll be able to provide feedback on what you're listening to if you log in with your Facebook account.

Music is powerful tool for social change. By empowering Arab indie music makers who promote tolerance, cultural diversity and dialogue, Sawt believes that indie music fans all over MENA will benefit greatly.

While the indie music scene is benefiting, Sawt as a social change project also accomplishes part of its goal of exposing listeners to context-based alternative and thought provoking ideas, ultimately (and hopefully) instigating a thinking process. Sawt will anonymously keep track of how its used, and provide that as data for research and a deeper analysis on how indie music can effectively instigate social change.

Are you an artist?

Awesome! First, thank you for making music. Second, we would love to have your music as part of Sawt's library if you're indie or play an alternative genre of music, and make music or sing about issues that have to do with the MENA region. Email us a song or two and a couple of pictures, and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.


Sawt is self-funded. Please use the PayPal button below if you'd like to contribute to the cost of running the server, the continuous development of the project, or if you just want to buy me a beer :)

History & Future

Sawt is an on-going project that started in 2011. Future plans will focus on providing a more comprehensive library of Arab indie music and collaborate with indie artists and bands to develop the community and support it.

First version of Sawt, 2012.


Help is always necessary :) Send an email with how you'd like to help to hello at sawt dot io.

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